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What’s in a name?

We are lucky enough to live in Chipping Campden, a Cotswold town with captivating architecture, charismatic locations, an engaging community and a rich history. It’s a town I’m proud to call home (even if we have lived here only 18 years) and a place that “lends” itself to being photographed, as so many welcome visitors will testify.

To learn more about the history of this fascinating town, the best place to look is the Chipping Campden History Society  (CCHS), where it is easy to get engrossed in the background accounts, memoires and images chronicling the evolution of Chipping Campden.

There are of course many many photographs of Chipping Campden and this recent set of photographs of mine only adds to my collection. However, and with a nod to the history of the town, rather than buildings or activities this set “focuses” on the roads, or more pertinently the road signs, in and around the town. I admit that I cannot say it is a complete record of every road name in the town (and I mean no disrespect to those streets not included in this medley of signs). It’s merely a pictorial record of some signs observed as you walk around the town, wondering about their derivation.

There are many folk who can provide information about the who, the why and the when relating to the road names, and I welcome comments and observations. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the brief show.


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