A new adventure called George

Combining “uncomplicated” with new adventures and photographic opportunities

My earlier posts, festive season verses and assorted messages to family and friends attest to the pursuit of the “uncomplicated”. A life enjoyed while we have the capacity to enjoy it. A life seeking the avoidance of challenges and uninvited stresses. A fulfilling life with some adventures and experiences, but without undue pressures or hassle. My wife and I pleased to report that, post careers, these ambitions are ongoing and being achieved.

Some would say that balancing fulfilling adventure whilst reducing complication is an over-ambitious goal. Those same people would also say that a recent event in our lives has significantly dented our chances of achieving that desired life balance.

Welcome to George

The recent event in question comes in the form of a beautiful and heart-capturing puppy called George.

Now it is obvious that many, many couples and families take the decision to have a pet, having weighed up the pros and cons of introducing levels of unbridled love and affection with the inherent responsibility and challenges of someone to look after.

The huge number of dogs and other pets that have entered the lives of so many people is testament to the fact that the joy and sheer pleasure of he or she being part of your family outweighs the undeniable but nonetheless surmountable aspects of the duty and commitment of ownership.

After only a few days George is proving to be both an absolute delight and the anticipated test of increased responsibility. So far, the former outweighs any concerns about the latter. We remain optimistic, and keen to ensure, that this mutual enjoyment of life continues.

We are obviously at an early stage in the ownership of George, we are inexperienced in the task of dog stewardship, and he is in the early and formative stage of life. These factors mean that it is new for everyone in this relationship.

There is little doubt that when you succumb to the draw of owning a dog, its due to that intangible feeling of love that you may have been stifling for the fear of responsibility and perceived inconvenience. Once the puppy arrives the biggest feeling is “we should have done this long ago”, even if it is sometimes tempered with …” will he ever learn not to pee inside !”

We would be delighted to hear from others like us who are fundamentally novices when it comes to pet ownership but who have taken the plunge, not least as a way of broadening your horizons.

Photo opportunities

When weighing up the pros and cons there is another aspect to add to the “pro” column for someone who likes taking photographs. You have a new model and a subject for a varied portfolio. It can be fun capturing some magic moments with your new star in front of the camera, and it makes you realise why pet portraiture can be a lucrative business for a photographer. A commission would help pay for more puppy food.

So, who wants a photo of their pet?

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