Travel ~ is it just movement between places to refuel?


It has become increasingly clear to me
What we’re doing when we move from A to B.
Experience shows that, as a general rule
Travel is merely movement between places to refuel.

This is particularly the case when on vacation
When movement punctuates places of libation.
A day starts with breakfast and talk of an itinerary.
Outings inevitably interposed with something culinary

No matter how the day progresses, or travel plans evolve
We all know what the journeys ultimately involve
After breakfast, the trip will include a place for cake and coffee
Then somewhere for lunch before its time for tiffin and tea.

But the day's journey seldom ends after a biscuit and a cupper
Nourishment is then sort with drinks, snacks, dinner and/or a light supper.
Whatever you may think is the journeys’ purpose, it’s just the activity that enables
Perpetual sustenance as we travel between breakfast and dinner tables.

Another verse ( and photo) from Terry Morgan  ©

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