Some of my favourite things

Three of my favourite things are photography, food and Italy. So, taking photographs of Italian food has to be the inevitable consequence.

When I looked back at my many photos from regular trips to Italy, it was not unduly surprising to find a large number of photos featured the food I was about to enjoy.

I love food (as I’ve been heard to say on more than one occasion “…I eat nothing else…” ) and I particularly love Italian food.

The food of Italy is based on good ingredients and the chefs’ skill in preparing dishes that are not over-spiced or over-complicated, often comprising the minimum of components with the maximum of flavours. An obvious example is fresh tomatoes, good olive oil and basil on a toasted Ciabatta resulting in a tasty and moreish Bruschetta. It may involve the addition of a rub of garlic, but it need not be any more complicated than that to result in a perfect dish.

From a prefect starter, through many favourite pasta dishes, (notably pappardelle al cinghiale) and classically prepared meat dishes ( like bistecca alla Fiorentina) there is then of course the many delightful and traditional desserts such as Tiramisu and Souffle al cioccolato, and obviously not forgetting the fabulous and famous gelato.

Italy is full of photogenic places and people. It’s food has the benefit of being delicious and a feast for the eyes.

2 thoughts on “Some of my favourite things

  1. Your photographs of Italian food capture the colour and presentation of exquisite dishes . Inexplicity you also whet the appetite and create a need to sample Italian food preferably in mother Italy itself .A job well done !

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