Oh look, it’s a new website for my photography

Well, I have been thinking for some time that I needed to up my game with my website and social media presence. And so here it is, my new website for my photography. I hope you like it.
My new website is here.

When I started turning my hobby of photography into something I could share with others, and of course something I could promote as a commercial venture, I created tjmshots and later terrymorganphotography. These websites were to showcase my photographs and in the case of my first website for tjmshots also had a rather cumbersome online shop facility. Whilst both websites had their qualities and served the purpose of displaying some of my photographs from around the world, they were perhaps not the most attractive, in the literal and possibly also the aesthetic sense. Crucially neither had the opportunity to be reactive, vibrant or interactive. But that was some time ago and there’s been quite a change in online and social media marketing since then. It was time for me to take more control, and so I set about learning how to build my own website myself, and here it is.Being a bit of a perfectionist, I wanted the site to look great and to function well, whilst at the same time be something that had immediacy of control, interaction and gave me the chance to update and refresh frequently and reactively.

I must admit to being pretty chuffed with my new website (and smugly with myself for doing it all myself!), although I am still learning and still tweaking every day. This is why completing it to a stage of publication stretched from August and its now October! (Okay I admit, there were enjoyable trips to Italy and Spain in there as well!) One little glitch along the way that protracted the launch was sorting out the functionality of my various domains, but that’s now done (again another contented step on the learning curve) and I’m delighted to introduce my fabulous new website.

I have retained my .com domain as well, so cleverly the new website can also be accessed via the address of the former site,

I have been keen to showcase images, but I also wanted to let you know that I could provide other related photographic services, such as the creation of slideshows, which can be a great way to display and distribute your photographs from an event or special occasion.
The next stage, which I am working on at the moment, is the introduction of a descent quality and user-friendly online shopping facility and this will be “coming soon” once I get to grips with commerce widgets and getting it the way I’d like it to be.

As part of this new website I have a Blog, and I’m entering the world of “Blogging”. So, this new site gives me the opportunity to be part of the blogger community. I look forward to sharing blogs with you.

I’m already thinking about my next Blog, which is likely to be on the subject of two things close to my heart, (and which may come as no surprise to many of you) namely food and travel. So, watch this space.

Many of you will have seen my dedicated business Facebook page that I set up back in June ( Facebook link) . I would love it if you could like, follow, share, post, reply or comment.
I’ve been looking too at adding an Instragram account to my portfolio, but following some research I feel this Smartphone only application is a lower priority at this stage. I’m sure there are those of you who might persuade me otherwise. Feel free to contact me about this and anything that springs to mind.

I’m very excited about this new website and I hope that you would be kind enough to take some time to have a look around, and to provide some comments and ideally some “likes” and “shares”.

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