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In preparation for an event I set about preparing an updated tri-fold brochure. I enjoyed the process and, as you will be aware, I also enjoy making a Slideshow. So, with apparently shameless self-aggrandisement I created a double-whammy of a promotional slideshow promoting some printed promotional material 😊.

It’s been a while since I had produced any printed promotional literature, as was evident when I went to my cupboard to find any of my old brochures and realised that it was time to create an update. There was a need for fresh material, more recent images, updated logos and tag-lines, and so I set about finding the template, firstly in Microsoft Word and then got down to work using Microsoft Publisher.

As I was doing so, finding newer and more pertinent images and considering a layout that might be more appealing, it did occur to me that these days most marketing and promotional material is created and published for online consumption, but there’s still a place for putting something in print.

Now that I have rejuvenated my knowledge and capability in producing a bit of printed promotional literature, I feel that I could fairly quickly create something bespoke for a particular occasion, event or topic.

The next decision was to balance the merits and issues of in-house/at home printing versus the use of external or online printing services. Given the fact that this was not a mammoth print run involving thousands of brochures, the ease of tweaking and testing without leaving my seat and the availability of a box of Brochure paper that I found in that same cupboard, I went for self-production in this instance.

Clearly one crucial consideration, apart from the convenience of finding the appropriate media without further outlay, was the cost of printer ink.

Once I had tested and tweaked a few prototypes to ensure the layout worked, I started the initial batch of printing, but I had the expectation that with a few colour-hungry images and template theme backgrounds, this was about to suck ink out of printer cartridges almost visually like a 5 litre Mustang sucks petrol out of its tank. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the consumption was not as bad as I thought. On reflection I had made the conscious decision to elect a them template that was not too garish or reliant on lots of vibrant colour pallets, and the media (paper) I choose (had available) was not too matte and overly absorbent, so that was a success.

I will also investigate the implications and costs of online printing for those occasions requiring bigger print runs, and so I’m looking for recommendations.

I now need to source some more and similar media (brochure paper) so that I am ready for my next production, and so that I could offer the add-on service of providing printed promotional literature to others as part of my photographic business services. I look forward to receiving any comments, observations or of course, commissions. 

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