A tribute to a dear friend

Some might say that a blog post on a photographers website is not the appropriate place for a reminder about the devastating effects of Cancer and a request for people to remember to donate to those organisations and charities that are working to eradicate the disease. Well, having just attended the funeral of a dear friend, and with memories of similar occurrences over the last couple of years, I felt compelled to use this ”platform” to put something out there.

Many of us had photographs of our good friend Mike, and one thing I knew I could do with them was to create a slideshow of a selection of the images. The vast majority of the photos in the slideshow were not taken by me; I have merely reformatted them and prepared the slideshow, as it’s something I do.

As it says on the opening caption…. “Through time marked by his various manifestations of facial foliage, here is a slideshow of some images of Mike Markham. An excellent and well-respected tennis coach, a social animal and part-time fashion icon, a great friend and a really nice bloke. Taken too soon and he will be missed.”

One undeniable, thought-provoking and devastating fact is that cancer strikes too frequently and indiscriminately. Another is that treatment can be a long, harrowing and potentially unsuccessful since resolving the damage done by such an invasive and complex disease is commonly never fully achieved.

We all know people who have endured the fight and lost this battle. Too many people. We attended the funeral of one such man yesterday. Rest in Peace Mike, in the knowledge that lots of people loved you and were lucky enough to know you and count you as a friend.

Given Mike’s delight in making and retaining contact with people and his enjoyment of friends and friendship, we’d like to think that he would be delighted to know how many people attended the services in Oswestry and Bedford, and, as a result, how many of us have been reacquainted and are back in touch. There’s something cheerful that comes out of something sad. Thanks for that Mike, and thanks for being our friend.

I’m sure there are many like us who already donate by direct debit or otherwise to Cancer Research UK. With such donations the research continues and the chances of beating the disease improve.

The Order of Service from yesterday also invites donations to help the great work of Macmillan Cancer Support through

I’m not advocating that people reading this blog who didn’t know our friend Mike should make a dedicated donation, but I am suggesting that you take a moment to remember your own friends and relations who may have suffered or are suffering, and consider supporting such organisations with their great work.

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2 thoughts on “A tribute to a dear friend

  1. Can’t believe I have only just found this. What an amazing collection of photos and superbly put together Terry. A fitting tribute to a really lovely guy.

    1. Wanda…gone but never forgotten, not least during Wimbledon fortnight. I have many memories of our trips to see Borg, and at risk of dating myself further, Stan Smith, John Newcombe, and some chap called McEnroe.

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