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People that know me and visitors to my website will be aware that we have a love for Italy, and we are lucky enough to make frequent trips to enjoy the sites, sights, landscape, culture, people, food and wine of that amazing Country, especially the region of Tuscany. The colours of Italy are vibrant and lend themselves to “contrasty” images. But that also means that those red, blue and green channels can look pretty captivating in shades of grey.

This year (2018) we were back in Tuscany to our beloved Castellina-in-Chianti and we also added in a trip to the region of La Marche, staying in Ancona.

I will therefore be adding a selection of images from the trip to the Italy gallery and I’ll be giving it a bit of a shake up to keep it fresh and to display some memorable images. So, keep checking in to see what’s new.

I have also been working on a few images in magical monochrome, and I will be adding a new gallery with photographs from a range of locations, notably Italy, but in glorious black and white.

There are many ways of converting digital images into Black and White and I’ve experimented with quiet a few. Currently my favourite technique is to use the versatile “calculations” tab under the Image menu is fabulous Photoshop.

So my proficiency with that mind boggling software continues to grow, as does my enjoyment of taking photographs and sharing them with you. Now if anyone wanted to actually pay for an image or two, or indeed commission me to take some photos or create a slideshow for you that would be the icing on the cake.

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