ChristmasNew Year

Here’s to an uncomplicated and peaceful 2018

Life seems to have whizzed by once more
This year even quicker than those before.
A year not unlike others with troughs and peaks
A few sad days but fortunately many happy weeks.

Once more we intend to make the most of what we’ve got
Enjoying adventures before we lose the plot
Amongst many excursions for Jane and Terry
This year, New Zealand is on the itinerary

Interest on investments is difficult to accrue
It’s an uncertain future as GB leaves the EU
But we’ll keep spending and put on a brave face
And we’ll keep doing the lottery, just in case.

Increasingly, there’s a word I’ve used to express
My view about how we want life to progress
When hopes and ambitions have been debated
My answer, and you may agree, is “uncomplicated”

We know the future cannot be foreseen
But we reiterate our wish for 2018
Let’s hope for us all this New Year brings
All sorts of good and simply pleasing things


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