Two of my favourite things ~ Italy and the food of Italy

Two of my favourite things are being in Italy and eating Italian food. Another of my favourite things is taking photographs. Here’s a little slideshow of some of the dishes I enjoyed during a recent trip.

I have noticed whenever I get back from a trip that, inevitably, I have a lot of photographs; some are just reminders of good times and good places, and others are (hopefully) a little better than that. These are the ones I call images, because I feel that as well as capturing the feeling of the place they might actually be decent and technically competent photographs worthy of sharing.
Increasingly and not surprisingly when in Italy amongst the snaps, photos and images there are lots that record the food I have had the pleasure of eating during our trips and stays. Whilst it is maybe a self-indulgent exercise, I’ve enjoyed putting a few of the photos together in a slideshow. The series of images serve to demonstrate the artistry of food presentation exhibited by some clever chefs and cooks, and as a reminder of some delicious food, often with the minimum of ingredients but the maximum of pleasurable flavours.
Enjoy the video and I’d be surprised if you are not hungry by the end of the slideshow.

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