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The 2019 Christmas and New Year messages

It seems that I have created a tradition. Some years ago I noticed how quite a few friends and family would insert a note or even a newsletter in their Christmas Card outlining events and happenings that have taken place during that year. It seemed like a good idea to let people know what’s been going on, and when  started doing this I discovered that, with a bit of time and forethought, I could add a bit of sparkle and originality to the message by creating it in rhyming verses. 
This has been going on for quite a while now, and it seems that there is now an expectation that our Christmas Card will contain few verses. This has proved to be a bit of fun and something I have enjoyed producing, albeit that it is getting trickier to retain some originality and avoid repetition.
The next step was then to let people have the rhyming message in the form of a short seasonal slideshow. Again, this is something I have enjoyed doing as I find it a good way of adding some salient or topical photo images with the message. It means that I can share some of my photographs and demonstrate some expertise in the production of a slideshow.
I have uploaded this years message to YouTube and here it is….( an updated version for the slower readers !) 

If you would like to read the verse without viewing the slideshow, I’ve copied it below. I hope you enjoy it, and may I take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and “uncomplicated” 2020
Some say it’s a sign of age……
Some say it’s a sign of age, but I’m quite sure,
That year went even quicker than the one before.
So, we are looking to make the most of 2020
And kickstart the decade with ambitions aplenty.
2020 vision is a term for good visual acuity
Time to look forward and plan with ingenuity
We’re making the most of the time that’s available
Accepting some dreams are financially unassailable
That said, the coming year will see returns to favourite places
Making new friends and spending time with familiar faces
“Enjoyment without complication” remains our goal
Endeavouring to adventure without losing control
This year did include a notable and heart-warming addition
To our “small but perfectly formed” household composition
His name is George and it was love and first sight
He’s settled in so well and is an absolute delight
It’s clear he enjoys meeting his public around the locality
As many will attest, George has an endearing personality
Sharing adventures to Derbyshire, Cornwall and various places
He’s good at putting smiles on our, and many other, faces.
A star of Facebook, George is indeed much venerated
Many will know that we have in fact just celebrated
A momentous day in his young life, as behold
Our remarkable dog is now one year old.
George won’t be able to join us on our forthcoming overseas jaunts
But happily, he will be “staycationing” in one of his favourite haunts
In 2020 we’re excited to be seeing two types of game, because
we’re back to Kruger for more safaris and off to the Open tennis in Aus.
Earlier this year we were lucky enough to stay in Kapama Reserve
We decided something this good shouldn’t be a “once in a lifetime” preserve
The tennis in Melbourne was another ambition; now made possible by our late friend Mike
His parting gift was to help fund something memorable we would all like
Astute readers of this and previous seasonal communications
Will deduce that wine features strongly in our holiday destinations
Naturally a recurring favourite is that from Italy’s Sangiovese grape
And there are many others from Western Australia and South Africa’s Cape
It is said that the finest Australian wines are attributed
To the Margaret River region, where many wineries were visited
If you like good food, with great wine and hospitality in a striking location
Visiting Perth and driving the Caves Road should be included in your vacation.
The year to come is intended to have many similar activities
That pander to our appetites and proclivities
Previous travel-blogs, slide shows, cards and rhymes
Were produced to inform and remind us of those good times.
Suffice to say this year has certainly had its fair share of highs
And the fact we plan for more of the same will come as no surprise
It’s highly likely that there will be images captured to share
And in due course I’ll post them on the website or somewhere.
When we look back over calendars and blogs from the last few years
(Those since we bailed out of our proper careers)
There’s lots of travel to places familiar and new
Being happy together is prevalent in what we do
We hope that your year has had its good times and memories to treasure
And that the year to come contains even more things that give you pleasure
As we say good bye to Twenty Nineteen and hello Twenty Twenty
We wish you love, good health and fulfilled dreams aplenty.
Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and “uncomplicated” 2020
And as an added bonus here’s a New Year message too…

Its time when the dice are rolled
In with the new; out with the old
Folly to think the future is foretold
Time marches on; uncontrolled
Now we don’t need a clairvoyant
Let’s just be positive and buoyant
Whether measured, planned or freely flamboyant
We should aim for a year of smiles and enjoyment.
When the strains of Auld Lang’s Syne are played
The year’s memories replayed and maybe resolutions made
Whatever your views on the year just gone, surely, we’re due an upgrade
A new year of more love and laughter as we start a new decade








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  1. I’ve modified the previous version so that there is more time to read my carefully crafted prose . Best wishes to all my followers and readers…feel free to add comments and observations . T.

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