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Our first visit to Australia ~ and it won’t be our last

Our 2018 odyssey to the Southern Hemisphere was a long awaited and eagerly anticipated trip to New Zealand, with a first port-of-call being Sydney Australia. There will be many blog posts and associated photograph galleries relating to our tour of New Zealand, but Sydney deserves a post or two of its own, as our visit proved to be a fabulous way to start our Antipodean adventure. It also confirmed that we need to see more of Australia and will be planning to be back for more.

On a purely practical note a few days in Sydney was the ideal way of breaking the journey to New Zealand from the UK but it proved to be much more than just a “stop-gap”. Sydney is such a vibrant and enticing place with so much to see and do, and, as we soon discovered, the people of Sydney are hospitable, personable and rightly proud of their city.

Our visit (unintentionally) coincided with celebrations of the Chinese New Year, and this had an inevitable bearing on the volume of tourists from that part of the world, and on some of the events and displays taking place in Sydney and its surroundings.

Sydney has a lot to offer the tourist and coupled with great customer service it makes you keen to explore and enjoy the sites and sights of this easily navigable city. It proved to be a fabulous few days as we walked through Hyde Park, visited Botanic Gardens Art Galleries, Museums, Cathedrals, historic sites, a rather famous Opera House and also enjoyed train rides, boat trips and bus tours taking in lots of places including Bondi beach and Manly. Perhaps unsurprisingly other particular highlights of our stay in Sydney seem to involve the many and varied bars and eateries where we enjoyed good service, great beer and legendary Australian hospitality.

We will be returning to Australia as soon as we can, and our visit to Sydney has fuelled an enthusiasm to visit more of this huge and alluring Country. If we also manage to find ourselves back in Sydney it will be no hardship!

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