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So here it is, the start of another year !

We are looking forward to a number of adventures during 2018, with a number of excursions and activities already in the planning pipeline.
One of the excursions is another trip to Italy, although this year we are going slightly earlier in the year than our usual late August & September trip. This year we will be going in time to enjoy Jane’s birthday in Tuscany, rather than my own.
It seems that the affinity with Italy, and notably its food and drink, started promptly this year, as the following images from our kitchen on New Year’s Day will testify.

Breakfast comprised a bellini of Prosecco and Peach juice to enjoy with fresh bread and crispy pancetta

A traditional roast beef lunch, washed down with a fabulous Chianti

Decent coffee , with a Hazelnut liqueur and amaretti completed the unplanned but very pertinent theme

One thought on “So here it is, the start of another year !

  1. Sounds like a wonderful eating and drinking experience. I cooked Christmas day lunch; the only comment I would make about that is thankfully the one on Boxing day was much better. Here’s to 2018!

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