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A print on high quality photo paper of an image selected from this website’s image galleries. So please make an enquiry via the contact form as to which image you would like to purchase.

The prices for the various sizes offered can be seen on the drop-down menu.


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I have been thinking of introducing an e-shop on my website for some time so that there was another way of providing access to my photographic services and photographs.

Experience has taught me that when it comes to selling photographs online, it is not always straightforward. To give choices of print sizes for example is just one level of variation but once you add in the potential for different type of media, mounted or unmounted, framed or unframed, the permutations become tricky to deal with for a one-person business. And there is commonly someone who wants a permutation you hadn’t included, such as a specific type of frame.

So up until now I have concentrated on direct sales of my photographs and my photographic services with pricing based on a commission by commission basis, using an hourly rate (currently at £35) as the determinant for charging for my time. For supplying prints, I have generally charged from £9 for a 7” by 5” unmounted, unframed print, to around £60 for a 10” by 8” framed and mounted print.

I have decided at this stage that I will not be providing framed prints as part of the online shop at this stage, but this will be reviewed and may forma service in the future. Of course, I would be happy to continue to provide framed prints as part of a direct commission in consultation with you on a one-to-one basis where we can discuss bespoke requirements and agree prices.

Similarly, I am able to supply photo images as canvas prints or certain other media or in larger formats by direct commission, but this will not be available (yet) on this new online shop.

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Size of print

180mm * 125mm ( 7" * 5"), 230mm * 150mm (9" * 6"), 250mm * 200mm (10" * 8"), 300mm * 200mm (12" * 8"), 380mm * 250mm (15" * 10"), 405mm * 305mm (16" * 12")


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