Mounted Photo Print


Prints mounted on a white coloured card surround with bevelled aperture.

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The size of the mount is calculated based on size of the image required (assuming that the aperture is the size of the print entered). The mount opening will be evenly balanced so that the top/bottom borders are equal and the left/right borders are equal. The opening of the mount is 4mm smaller than the size entered so the mount will just overlap the image. The external dimension of the mount will be proportional to the aperture size

Additional information

Size of Print (and aperture in mount)

180mm * 125mm (7" * 5"), 230mm * 150mm (9" * 6"), 250mm * 200mm (10" * 8"), 300mm * 200mm (12" * 8"), 380mm * 250mm (15" * 10"), 405mm * 305mm (16" * 12")


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