Oh look, it’s a new website for my photography

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Well, I have been thinking for some time that I needed to up my game with my website and social media presence. And so here it is, my new website for my photography. I hope you like it. My new website is here. When I started turning my hobby of photography into something I could share with others, and of course something I could promote as a commercial venture, I created tjmshots and later terrymorganphotography. These websites were to showcase my photographs and in the case of my first website for tjmshots also had a rather cumbersome online shop facility. […]

The new website is nearly ready

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Since coming back from Italy (with more photos of course!) I have been preparing a new website to replace my old trusty site. It’s about to go live and as soon as it does I hope you will have a look around and click a “like” or two. I’ve built this website myself using a WordPress platform and I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed the experience and my route along the learning curve. As with all new things, and technological advances, there were times when I wondered what I was doing (and why I was bothering!), but also […]

Some of my favourite things

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Three of my favourite things are photography, food and Italy. So, taking photographs of Italian food has to be the inevitable consequence. When I looked back at my many photos from regular trips to Italy, it was not unduly surprising to find a large number of photos featured the food I was about to enjoy. I love food (as I’ve been heard to say on more than one occasion “…I eat nothing else…” ) and I particularly love Italian food. The food of Italy is based on good ingredients and the chefs’ skill in preparing dishes that are not over-spiced […]