It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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As many of my blog readers will have noticed, I am partial to composing a verse or two. I find it an enjoyable way of sending a message or sharing some information in a more humorous and compelling way. Many people add a note or two inside their Christmas cards, letting you know about events that might have happened since the last communication. For some this is a quick update and for others it can be quite a Newsletter. I would often do the same, and a few years ago I started putting the news into the form of verse. […]

Travel ~ is it just movement between places to refuel?

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Travel It has become increasingly clear to me What we’re doing when we move from A to B. Experience shows that, as a general rule Travel is merely movement between places to refuel. This is particularly the case when on vacation When movement punctuates places of libation. A day starts with breakfast and talk of an itinerary. Outings inevitably interposed with something culinary No matter how the day progresses, or travel plans evolve We all know what the journeys ultimately involve After breakfast, the trip will include a place for cake and coffee Then somewhere for lunch before its time […]

Oh look, it’s a new website for my photography

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Well, I have been thinking for some time that I needed to up my game with my website and social media presence. And so here it is, my new website for my photography. I hope you like it. My new website is here. When I started turning my hobby of photography into something I could share with others, and of course something I could promote as a commercial venture, I created tjmshots and later terrymorganphotography. These websites were to showcase my photographs and in the case of my first website for tjmshots also had a rather cumbersome online shop facility. […]

The new website is nearly ready

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Since coming back from Italy (with more photos of course!) I have been preparing a new website to replace my old trusty site. It’s about to go live and as soon as it does I hope you will have a look around and click a “like” or two. I’ve built this website myself using a WordPress platform and I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed the experience and my route along the learning curve. As with all new things, and technological advances, there were times when I wondered what I was doing (and why I was bothering!), but also […]

Some of my favourite things

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Three of my favourite things are photography, food and Italy. So, taking photographs of Italian food has to be the inevitable consequence. When I looked back at my many photos from regular trips to Italy, it was not unduly surprising to find a large number of photos featured the food I was about to enjoy. I love food (as I’ve been heard to say on more than one occasion “…I eat nothing else…” ) and I particularly love Italian food. The food of Italy is based on good ingredients and the chefs’ skill in preparing dishes that are not over-spiced […]